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Multicultural, Settlement and Education Partnership (MSEP) program is a partnership between Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Peel District School Board, and the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board.

The MSEP program is part of the Welcoming Communities stream. Agencies that provide services under this stream work collaboratively to share best practices, information, and expertise to develop tools and strategies to connect vulnerable groups with established support networks.

What We Do

Our settlement counsellors in schools provide settlement services to 70 schools (click for a list of schools) in the Peel Region. They help newcomer parents and students successfully settle and integrate into the Canadian culture and the education system.

Settlement Counsellors work with schools to create welcoming, safe, and inclusive learning environments where newcomers can access information, services, and assistance in their own language in a culturally sensitive manner.  Services are delivered in: Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, and Urdu. Our Counsellors build partnerships and develop joint programs with community partners. They invite these partners to conduct workshops to share their expertise and host large scale community events to strengthen such connections.

Workshops and Events


The Newcomers’ Club provides newcomer students with an opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with peers who are going through a similar transition period. These workshops encourage newcomer students to speak about their challenges as well as share their success stories from previous years. The settlement workers encourage students to enroll in various school activities for a successful transition. The topics covered during each session are chosen based on the needs and suggestions of those who are part of the club.

Some topics covered during the sessions include:

  • Building Effective Communication Skills
  • Study Habits
  • How to Write a Resume
  • Bullying


Throughout the year settlement workers in schools organize events and workshops that address issues and concerns of newcomer parents. This group meets on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis, depending on the needs of the community. The group provides parents with an opportunity to come out and share their experiences and concerns.

Some topics of interest:

  • BYOD
  • Parenting in Canada and the Role of CAS
  • Helping your child in Homework




This program is tailored to the needs of newcomers attending high school for the first time in Canada. The program takes place in designated hub schools – schools with a higher number of newcomers while also hosting the students from surrounding high schools. It is organized and coordinated by MSEP counsellors, who recruit students that were newcomers during previous years to deliver this one day program. This program is a collaboration between students, teachers, and settlement workers.


This program is tailored to newcomers attending high school for the first time in Canada. The program takes place in designated hub schools – schools with a higher number of newcomers while also hosting the students from surrounding high schools.


MyBlueprint is an online education planner that helps students:

  • Select their high school courses
  • Research post-secondary programs
  • Set goals for their future
  • Explore career and job opportunities and create a resume and cover letter
  • Complete their Individual Pathways Plan (IPP)

Parents can also create a myBlueprint account and explore student features of myBlueprint.

Parents can link to their child’s myBlueprint account.

For more information on myBlueprint


Our MSEP team has conducted 32 workshops on Literacy Skills which concentrate on enhancing literacy skills at all levels – for parents, guardians, and grandparents. These workshops primarily focus on how these groups respectively can help children enhance their literacy skills. The team has also connected with external stakeholders such as Region of Peel – Early Literacy Specialists and Family Literacy Specialists to provide in depth knowledge and understanding of their role on these topics.


These workshops provide tips for healthy living and healthy eating habits. The team connected with external stakeholders such as Peel Health and Bramalea Community Health Centre to provide more in depth information on this topic.


Our MSEP team frequently delivers workshops on employment related topics that are geared towards parents and youth. Some topics covered in these workshops include:

  • Resume Building Tips
  • Interview Tips
  • Job Search Tips
  • Technical and Soft Skills
  • Importance of Networking
  • Canadian Workplace Culture

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