Library Settlement Program (LSP)

Settlement Workers in Libraries

Library Settlement Partnership Program was launched in 2009 LSP is a three way partnership between Brampton Multicultural Community Centre, Brampton Library and Immigration Refugee & Citizenship Canada and offers a unique and innovative way of serving newcomers to Peel. The program’s strength lies in its ability to integrate the expertise and experience of BMC in newcomer issues & services and Brampton Library’s expertise in information provision, community education and leisure activities for integration of newcomers.

LSP workers organize a variety of information sessions based on the needs of the newcomer community. Our most popular “English Conversation Circle” is held once every week at all three libraries. This program provides an opportunity to non-native English speakers to enhance their spoken English skills and increase their confidence in using conversational English. In addition to this, the program provides the participants with an excellent opportunity to make new friends and to networking.

Specialized Sessions for Seniors & Newcomers

“Senior’s Group” is held twice a month at Gore Meadows and Springdale Library. Each month a unique topic is discussed that addresses the clients’ needs. We are constantly exploring new ways to engage newcomer seniors, educate them and facilitate their integration and contribution to Canadian Society. Experts from various fields are invited to do the presentations on various topics such as Health and Nutrition, Diabetes and its Prevention, Introductions to Emergency Services, Depression in old age, Independent Living, Preventing Slip/Trip and Fall etc. These presentations are conducted in Punjabi, Hindi Urdu and English.

“Newcomer Circle” is held every month and was formed with the goal of providing newcomer women an avenue to spend time and share ideas with other newcomer women. Women from diverse cultures get together, share their experiences and spend quality time in fun environment. Each month carries a unique and inspired theme as gifted presenters are invited to share their ideas with the group. The topics include Healthy Eating, Self-Care, Knitting, Diabetes etc. Women bring a lot of creative ideas to the group by doing potluck, bringing healthy snack etc.

Settlement Workshops

Settlement workshops are held on a monthly basis in select libraries in Brampton.  Some of the topics include Canadian Citizenship, Life in Peel, Orientation to Ontario, Resources for Newcomers, resume and employment etc .

Cultural Access Pass

Cultural Access Pass is a gift for Canada’s newest citizens and their children, offering a year of free access to more than 1,000 Canadian attractions from museums and historic sites to national and provincial parks, as well as discounts on travel to help new citizens explore. To receive the pass, please contact your LSP settlement worker.


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