Employment Services

Employment Service

Our Employment Services program directly addresses the most important difficulty Newcomers to Canada face when migrating to Canada. Helping our clients in providing solution focused services through a 1:1 assessment and Employment facilitation. Our programs are designed to provide internationally trained newcomers with the assistance in job searching, gaining and retaining meaningful employment, including resume preparation clinics and winning interview technique Seminars, Occupation Blueprint workshops, Enhanced Job Search workshops, work and volunteer placements and continuous networking events such as Job Fairs, Speed Mentoring and other specialized workshops with various speakers ranging from all Employment backgrounds. Our one-stop shop Employment Program ensures that once you complete the program, you will be self- sufficient in your job search and become employable in the Canadian business world.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Permanent Residents of Canada
  2. Protected Persons as defined in Section 95 of IRPA
  3. Persons in Canada whose application for Permanent Resident status are being processed in Canada and who have been informed, by letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, of the initial approval of their application subject to an admissibility assessment
  4. Temporary residents working in Canada with a work permit under the Live-in Caregiver program


Is a 1:1 meeting with client to address client’s constraints in their job search. It is a systematic process for determining and identifying and analyzing their employment needs. After each assessment, all clients will get an action plan outlining their next steps to Employment.

Job Search Workshop (JSW)

There are 2 types of workshops held every month or every other month. Module 1: Occupation Blueprint which is 4 days in length and Module 2: Job Search workshop which is the enhanced version of Job Search and that is held every 6 weeks. These workshops are offered free of charge to the participants. The program aims to help new immigrants find meaningful employment in Ontario. The Employment Facilitators work closely with newcomers who are facing employment constraints, to develop their job search skills and to assist them in their search and help them become employable in Canada.

Workshop Highlights

  • Orientation to the Canadian Labour Market
  • Self-Assessment and Skill-Gap Analysis
  • Exploring Career Prospects
  • Advertised and Unadvertised Job Sources
  • Guidelines for Online Job Search
  • Effective Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Networking and Techniques for Contacting Employers
  • Successful Interview Techniques
  • Canadian Workplace Culture
  • Workers’ Rights and Employment Standards
  • Community Guest Speakers
  • Employer Information Sessions

Post Workshop Support

  • Customized Action Plan Development
  • Free Access to Computers, Printers, Internet, Telephones, Fax Machines, Photocopiers
  • Assistance with Resume Creation
  • Mock Interviews
  • Networking Events
  • In House Job Fairs
  • Information and Referral

Networking Events

Every other month a Networking Event is held at one of the BMC offices and some of those events will include Mentoring where one employer brings their meet mentees and are matched with BMC’s job ready participants.

Guest speakers from large to medium scale Employers are invited to speak about various topics on what Employers want and look for and three times per year an in house job fairs are organized from 10-12 employers present who will conduct informational interviews on the spot and even hire.

Job Development Support

Hiring the right people is essential and critical part to the success of any business.

We at BMC, have our Employment Development Specialist who will assist clients in their pathway to job search, and connect to employers who have completed the JSW program and are now job ready for the Canadian workplace.

Our Employment Development Specialist and Employment Facilitators will take the time to understand the employers’ staffing needs and identify the best candidates that match with their specific skills and related experience requirements.

Ongoing support for the client and as well as the Employer is always present to ensure Customer Satisfaction.

Client Testimonial

“The JSW gave me a broad insight of Canadian job market and employers’ expectations. It helped me to overcome my interviews and job search fears because I learned during the workshop how to get ready and focus on the interview questions. Best of all, I learned how to value myself. Besides that, I now know new people and share their experiences.”

In addition to the above requirements, BMC has designated the Assistant Manager, Settlement Services, the Manager of Programs and Services along with the Human Resources Department the sole representatives to hold accountability for the organization’s compliance with PIPEDA. The Human Resources department will hold responsibility for the management of personal information policies and procedures of BMC.

The PIPEDA representatives shall be responsible for:

  • Developing and implementing policies and practices under PIPEDA including:
  • Procedures that address the collection, use, retention, destruction and management of personal information;
  • Procedures for protecting personal information;
  • Procedures for complaints and inquiries; and Staff training on PIPEDA obligations.
  • Employing privacy agreements to ensure the protection of personal information where the information must be provided to a third party.
  • Reviewing policies, practices and procedures on an annual basis, or as needed, making appropriate revisions.
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